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Formerly known as 'Totalise PLC' and now as Madasafish (Brightview was then parent company of Madasafish), it was one of the first small, independent ISPs. It's first users even received free shares in the company back in DotCom boom!! Suffice to say, I didn't get any richer from that.

After many years of paying out 20 pounds per year for an online email service through Madasafish I took the big decision to cut the apron strings and 'go it alone' into the big world of cyberspace. I'd been with Madasafish ('MAAF') since 2000 when they were still an up and coming ISP called 'totalise'. the great days of the new interweb thingey, and the eventual dotcom crash which meant that totalise was swallowed up by Plusnet Things got worse from her on in reall. I didn't mind paying 20 a year if their technology kept pace. But the email service resembled 1998 standards. Even though they provided a 'free' domain with each Justmail account, their was no control over DNS. Just 100Mb of webspace and that's about it. No upgrade service either. So why pay 20/year for just email, a domain and some webspace? JustMail services come with these 'great' features:

  • FREE 100MB of webspace for your own website
  • FREE email virus protection and spam filtering
  • FREE Webmail - access your Madasafish email worldwide (wow - imagine that! See how they're 20 years behind here??)
  • Dedicated technical support (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) - as in 'you-can-email-us 24/7-and-we'll-get-back-to-you-at-some-point)

MAAF then became part of Plusnet. More negatives, than plusses though.


More issues...

So with the inability for MAAF/Plusnet to upgrade my package, I opted to go for hosting that supported my new interest in Joomla (CMS) and change registrars for the domain name. Of course, Madasafish wanted to charge me another 25 to allow me to drop them as my domain registrar even though I'd been paying for a pretty crap service for the past 10 years at least. And no, they would not let me go without trying to sting me for some more money:

"Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear you're having some problems with the transfer. Unfortunately as the domain has been provided without cost for the entire term we charge a £25 fee to transfer this out. I'm afraid we're unable to waive this or reduce the cost." Of course I'd paid for the domain indirectly. Nice try!

"Again, I apologise that you are unhappy with the charge. This charge is applicable as we would have to pay to transfer the domain to another host and this cost also covers the administrative work that we have to perform for the transfer." Yeah right! Many ISPs/providers will do this for free these days or charge a nominal fee of 10 pounds.

Luckily there's another way to transfer your domain to a new registrar and that's via Nominet.  For a nominal fee of 12 pounds they will do it for you. So that's what I did! Transferred to Hear Internet, set up my account and within 45minutes of instructing Nominet, I'd set up my account with Heart and was able to login and update my DNS records.

As for web hosting my new site,, I opted to go for with their Linux shared hosting package, offering:

  • 400 MB Space
  • 4 GB Bandwidth
  • 99.9% Uptime Server
  • 24/7 Fast Support
  • Instant Activation
  • Price Freeze
  • Multiple databases :
  • MySQL (5.0.24)                   
  • PhpMyadmin                   
  • PGSQL                   
  • PgpMyadmin

All for 15pounds per year (+VAT)!! Not a bad proposition - hopefully there won't be any downtime or slow response issues.

Of course I managed to find a coupon code (25OLYMPIC12) which gave me a further 25% discount, so in the end I only paid 13.49. So all in all, I should be 'better off' than with Madasafish:

Hosting ( 13.49.
Domain (Heart Internet)     3.60 (One of the cheapest UK deals I have seen on internet domains).

Total: 17 vs 20 (Madasafish). A massive 3 pounds saving per year with much greater flexibility and offerings! That's 3 lottery tickets... Surprised



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