My Seagate GoFlex Cinema has arrived!!

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After much faffing around, I splashed the cash and purchased a 'multimedia drive' from After a fairly efficient delivery by Yodel (who bought DHL), I've unpacked the thing and easily set it up to my TV. Just testing the thing...

All I need to do now is to load it with (legal) films and photos from my various computers, phone etc. I can then play them from my new 'multimedia drive' on the TV. I used to do this from an external drive, but always needed a laptop - with this drive, everything is integrated. It even comes with a remote!

Although tempted with a Western Digital media players (e.g. their 'WD Livewire' or 'TV Live Hub'), in the end I opted for the Seagate which offer similar, and in some cases, better, functionality than WD's alternatives. The latest model, Seagate's GoFlex Cinema, adds a whopping 2TB drive into the mix to help with media storage (you can also get 3TB). Of course had these on offer for around GBP108 inc delivery. Cheaper than eBay.

Unlike some of the other options out there, however, including Seagate's own prior devices, the GoFlex Digital doesn't include any kind of networking or streaming services - this is strictly a media bank, as it were. Simply drag your audio, video and still picture content over to the drive and hook the GoFlex up to your television via HDMI or Composite ports and get ready to hog yet another remote! So much better to view those photo albums on an HD big screen!

Anwway, if you're after a good deal I would recommend you checking for the best price.


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