the joys of property hunting

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And I thought the property market was supposedly in the doldrums?

Well, not according to the some of the over-priced crap I've seen on the market with associated inflated prices to boot! Some clearly feel that obese, fag-smoking husbands on the sofa will result in buyers banging at their doors for a quick offer. My only offer should have been to offer them some tips on what not to do when potential buyers come and view. These are my personal experiences so far. No doubt I will add more as the weeks merge into months:


- dispose of the dog shit in the driveway. Doesn't appeal to us buyers and may ruin your carpets if we make it beyond the door-step

- get your husband to absatin from his usual habit of smoking in doors whilst you have a viewing

- be realistic with your selling price. If yo bought at the peak of the market for 600k, and you've done nothing to the property apart from cut the grass every summer then it's a tad difficult how you now expect to get 600k (unless you're in London I guess)

- in these times of meagre viewings, make yourself available to buyers. I've been waiting for some vendors who can only show their house in x weeks time. Obviously serious at selling!

No doubt I'll come across more no-no's...

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