With ink-smudged immigration stamps from over 40 countries in my passport, I have amassed a few sites which fellow travelers may find of use when contemplating that round the world trip or simply looking for a weekend trip to Paris.  Predominantly aimed at UK surfers, this travel section will help you whether you're looking for affordable travel tickets or simply wandering how to get from Andorra to Bangkok.

The internet now puts the traveller in complete control of travel planning and although you may have become reliant on that know-it-all blonde behind the desk, in many cases it's easier and cheaper to use the net for most of your travel plans.  You can tap into travel-planning databases that were once only accessible to travel agents.  Sites such as Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity allow you to compare fares (air, car and hotel), book your choice as well as offering various lastminute bargains.  Whether you're on a tight budget, planning the trip of a lifetime or simply dying to get away from work, check my travel pages first.

Many sites offer email notification of low fare availability and sites like used to allow you to dictate the airfare! Airlines offer 'internet only' low fares and have other internet incentives such as bonus air miles etc. Read what other travelers have to say on certain destinations and travel companies on message boards such as Lonely Planet's Thorntree. links you to many of the web's most powerful set of tools to plan and shop for airline tickets, hotel reservations, car reservations, and vacation packages. Whether you want to subscribe to fare trackers for a weekly update on low fares, research destinations or simply catch up on the latest in travel news, weather, you can do it from here.


The travel section is split into 3 sections:






travel guides flights australia
maps & route finding hotels paradise in the cook islands
weather car hire new zealand in a campervan
travel gear & accessories bus and coach              kriopigi, Greece
insurance train green travel
currency ferry/tunnel round-the-world-travel
airport parking   travel glossary
travel warnings    
airport info    

travel tips: 1) flying in comfort,

2) getting an upgrade,

3) how to survive a plane crash (!!!)       



 Bon voyage!


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