It can work out considerably cheaper to pre-book your space at the airport. Save as much as 60% to turn-up-and-pay (through the nose) prices. But, before you start searching, be warned that parking in airports can be prohibitively expensive. If you’re not travelling with family or a big suitcase, how about public transport? Dedicated airport rail services may be pricey, but are often a fraction of the cost of parking, especially if you are away for more than a week. There are numerous coach services to key airports from city centres. They may take more time but are cheaper and less stressful than driving.

If travelling with young children, car seats can be an issue, but many taxi companies (such as Addison Lee in London,
carry car seats at no extra charge. On your return journey, pre-booking a local taxi is cheaper than using a dedicated airport company.

Have you booked ahead?

The earlier you book, the cheaper parking will be — you can save up to 50% depending on the time of year. Booking even on the day you fly will be cheaper than paying on arrival. estimates it can save you £65 on a week’s meet-and-greet car parking at Heathrow if you book in advance.

What are the parking options?

You can park on site at the airport’s dedicated car park — although this is often not the cheapest option and is sometimes no closer than off-site parking. Off-site parking is any car park not within the airport complex itself and usually the cheaper option, operated by a private company rather than the airport authority, with transfers to the terminal. Meet and greet (or valet) services allow you to drop your car with someone at the terminal; they park it for you and have it waiting on your return. Be sure to check the damage coverage on offer.

Have you looked locally?

There are plenty of smaller private car parks close to key airports with cheap rates. Calculate the cost of getting to the airport — some offer shuttle services, but check the frequency. There are even locals who offer their land or driveways for rental, but security may be an issue. Sometimes these can be just as close as the official airport car park.


If you do need to park at the airport, then it can work out considerably cheaper to pre-book your space at the airport. Save as much as 60% to turn-up-and-pay (through the nose) prices.

Here are my other recommended sites for travel insuranceairport parking

Going direct with the car park operator is rarely cheapest. BCP operates car parks at many of the major airports (

Check the web for the best deals. APH ( offers a 10% discount, but still check this represents the best deal.

The biggest comparison site is, which offers a price guarantee plus a range of car rates and services at airports, while offers discounts, price guarantees and no penalties if you cancel or amend 24 hours before departure. Useful sites:


APH - Pre-book secured airport parking at any of 16 UK airports including Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, and Birmingham.  A selection of car parks to choose from all major UK airports, which can include a meet and greet. Avoid an early morning start and the rush hour traffic by booking an airport hotel. Their rates include parking and often only work out just a few pounds more than parking alone.

Park & Go - Competitive discount rates for UK Airport Parking. Offering big discounts, compared to the drive on rates, for Gatwick and Heathrow airport parking, not to mention parking at other major airports in the UK including Manchester, Luton, Birmingham and Stansted Airport Car Parking Facilities.

Purple Parking - Offering car parking at 19 key airport car parks across the UK Purple Parking (Business Travel Award 2004) offer two services. Their Chauffeur (Meet & Greet) service will provide you with a chauffeured car who meets you outside your Terminal, in the departure car lane, and drives your car to a high security compound. On your return, a chauffeur meets you with your car, outside your terminal. Their other offering, Leisure Service (Park & Ride Service) allows you to drive your car to the recommended airport car park. Once your luggage has been loaded onto a bus, you will be driven to your departure terminal. On your return, dial a telephone number on your receipt, and you will be collected. And cancellation up to 1 hour before confirmed time, you are refunded in full – handy when your flight gets cancelled on the day of travel or BA staff go on strike or there are leaves on the line etc etc.


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airport information

Whether you’re wondering how to get to Stanstead Airport, want to pre-buy your duty free, or simply want to know what time that flight arrives at what terminal, the following sites should be able to help you out.

British Airports Authority - For airport information, flight time arrivals, parking etc - Features all the information you'll need: how-to-get-there directions and advice, contact telephone numbers for local taxi, bus, and train services, local accommodation, and airport parking. Plus find and buy your flights online, find the very latest holiday prices and convert your currency before you go!

OAG -  is the leading source of flight schedule information, operating the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date schedules database. Customers of OAG include airlines, airports, business travellers and travel organizers.

Schiphol Amsterdam – One of the best airport sites from one of the best airports this side of the moon. See Buy Fly.....

Skyscanner - If you wonder what airlines fly where then use Skyscanner’s interactive map to find out.

Sleeping In Airports - Dedicated to sleeping in airports, featuring ratings for more than 523 airports, ranking the quality of seating, listing those with showers or sleeping rooms and offering tips on what corners are the best to snooze in. Incidentally Singapore Airport ranks the best, with Heathrow and Gatwick no-no’s for zzzzz…




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